Highlights of FDF: Dubai

Panel Session One: AI at the Intersection: Impact of AI on Business Innovation and Regulatory Compliance

Panel Session Two: AI Revolution in FinTech: Navigating the New Frontier

Panel Session Three: Transformative Synergies in Finance: Revolutionizing SME Growth through Digital Banking and Evolving Capital Markets

Nandan Mer from Network International

Panel supercut - Abdulrahman, CEO of SME Bank

Interview - Charith, Head of banking industry at AWS

Interview -Dr.Ehab Elsonbaty, Partner, Chair US/ Middle East, DLA Piper

Saravanan Nattanmai, Partner, Premji Invest

Sharif El-Badawi, CEO, Dubai Future District Fund

Bhadresh Pathak, Chief Executive, L&T Sufin

Omar AlShamsi, CEO, Watermelon

Nabil Issa, Managing Partner, King & Spalding

Ramana Kumar, CEO, Magnati

Dhiraj Kunwar, Managing Director, RAKBANK

Sinan Ozcan, Senior Executive Officer & Board Director, DP World Financial Services

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Highlights of FDF Riyadh

Panel Session One AI in SME Lending

Panel Session Two: Navigating Regulatory Transformation

Panel Session Three: Transformative Synergies in Finance Revolutionizing SME Growth through Digital Banking and Evolving Capital Markets

Yousef AlYousefi from Joa Capital provides insights on the AI revolution: how it’s changing consumer behavior and transforming the FinTech industry.

Sara Dannawi from Deloitte explains how SMEs are one of the more promising segments within KSA.

Humaid Mudhaffr from Kafalah delves into the current state of the SME market for capital in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Osahon Akpata from ECO Bank shared his own story of how collaboration between FinTechs, banks and government agencies can open up access to capital digitally for SMEs and consumers.

Abdulaziz Al-Nashwan from SME Bank discusses the challenges currently facing lenders in delivering financial support to the SME sector and how the growth of FinTechs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has awakened incumbent financial institutions to digitally transform themselves.

Nabil Issa from King & Spalding weighs in on why now is an exciting time for small and midsized enterprise lending.

Modhie AlShammary from Riyad Bank discusses the challenges facing SMEs today and how efficiency is key for lenders to increase capital to those SMEs.

Highlights of the FDF Event
Panel Session One - AI ACCESS TO CAPITAL
Panel Session Two - UAE & FINTECH
Panel Session Three - THE WAY FORWARD
Highlights with - Mete Guney
Highlights with - Clarence Singham
Highlights with - Bennett Borden
Highlights with - Dhiraj Kunwar
Highlights with - Arif Shaikh
Highlights with - Ramana Kumar
Special Address
Key Note Address
Session One
Session Two
Session Three
Session Four
Report Launch
Session Five

Highlights of FDF Riyadh

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