Financial Foresights: Digital Banking - New horizons in a Cash - Light India

The publication presents insightful write-ups contributed by industry leaders from the digital banking space. The authors highlight three key trends that are shaping the future of the digital banking space in India. First, is the rapid growth of the more nimble fintech players that are working to deliver services in a manner never seen before.

Second, the experience of customers in other industries be it e-commerce, healthcare, education or transportation is improving at such a fast pace that they are now expecting similar delivery and interface even in the banking industry. Third, and this perhaps is the most important, is the whole push government is giving to digital economy in the country and which itself is inducing a change in consumer behaviour and making customers ask for more convenience from their banks.

The publication also highlights the way India Stack has developed into one of the most transformative platforms created anywhere in the world for delivering services including financial services to people in a very transparent manner.