Panel Session One

AI in SME Lending
  • Exploring the role of artificial intelligence in reshaping digital lending strategies.
  • AI’s contribution in achieving the goals outlined in KSA’s Vision 2030 for financial accessibility and growth.
  • Analyzing how AI technologies improve customer experience in the lending process.

Panel Session Two

Navigating Regulatory Transformation
  • Analyzing the impact of regulatory changes on SME lending and financial inclusion.
  • Exploring regulatory frameworks from successful international models in lending.
  • Strategies for fostering a collaborative ecosystem that supports regulatory norms and growth.

Panel Session Three

Transformative Synergies in Finance Revolutionizing SME Growth through Digital Banking and Evolving Capital Markets
  • Discussing the pivotal role of banks and NBFIs in driving economic development and financial inclusion.
  • Identifying innovative financial products and services that can contribute to the vision's objectives.
  • Exploring the role of technology in reshaping digital lending landscape.
  • Delving into the influence of digital banks in facilitating lending
Fireside Chat with Mr. Abdulrahman Almansour (CEO - SME Bank)

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